About Us

Bob Johnson's Pharmacy has been a part of the Ballard/Crown Hill Area since Bob first opened the pharmacy in 1957. Bob Johnson hired current owner Mike Donohue as a Pharmacy Intern in 1978. He purchased the pharmacy from Bob in 1988.

For over 50 years our goal has been to provide quality pharmacy services, products and information to help people lead healthier lives.

Special Services:

Home Delivery

Whether you don't drive, just have difficulty getting out or you're a busy mom wanting to simplify your day, our delivery service can help. Contact us to see if this service is right for you.

Custom Packed Medications

We fill Medisets, Blister packs and more. See the Compliance Packaging section of our website for details

Drug therapy consultation

Medications can be expensive.

Often a drug therapy consult with a pharmacist can be a wise investment in better health and help you get the most out of your medications.

Whether it's finding a more cost effective therapeutic alternative or simply using your current medications more efficiently, we can work with you and your doctor to deliver value for your health care dollar.


We are one of the pioneers of pharmacy-based immunization. See our immunization section for details.


It's less than 30 feet from our nearest parking space to our pharmacy counter. Some of our customers find they are in and out faster than they can find a place to park in at other pharmacies.

Custom Medication Flavoring

A great option when kids object to the taste of their medicines. We have a very high success rate in finding a flavoring option that works for kids.


We were a leader in utilizing scanning technology to enhance dispensing accuracy

We are an experiential teaching site for the University of Washington School of Pharmacy ... helping to train the next generation of pharmacy professionals.

We continue to lead the way today in providing Electronic Medication Administration Records for Assisted Living Patients (eMAR's)